After the live streaming event last May presenting the list of the 50 Best Bars in Asia – during which Disaronno gave a prize to the winner in the Highest New Entry category – the World’s 50 Best Bars organization and all relative Sponsors announced the launch of a fundraiser program called “50Best for Recovery” (www.50bestforrecovery.com).

There are countless initiatives on the agenda, starting with the Bid for Recovery platform which this past July 3 launched the biggest enogastronomical auction ever to date. The sponsors donated a total of 170 unique experiences and bottles of Spirits limited editions, for cocktail, food and travel fans to bid on, so raising a whopping US$1.23 million. These initial funds will go to the 50Best Bars & Restaurants ecosystem, for purposes of redistribution to alleviate suffering due to the pandemic.

But Disaronno’s contribution doesn’t end with its participation in the auction. 

The Mixing Star too has answered the call for support of businesses in crisis, and with the same sense of determination and enthusiasm that has marked it from the start. Thus the Bar-Tag events are finally getting going again, also in online version. In some cases unable to work per usual due to travel restrictions still in effect in many countries, the world’s leading bartenders will be trading signature Disaronno drinks by offering the recipes to the bars that our Brand Ambassadors have been paired with. The drinks which the bar-partners receive will then be proposed to customers as special off the menu options; and the relative sales revenue will in part be donated to the 50Best for Recovery fund.

The first bars to participate in this recipe exchange were precisely BEE’S KNEES in Kyoto – winner of the Disaronno Highest New Entry Award in Asia – and Officina Milano, where the new zero-waste menu includes smart revisitations of three classic Disaronno drinks. 

Officina will be the place to go for Toru Aryioshi’s elegant Silky Velvet cocktail, a mix of Disaronno, cucumber infused gin, marshmallow milk, vanilla syrup, fresh lemon juice, egg white, sparkling sake, and orange blossom nebulizer water.

Meanwhile in Kyoto, Bee’s Knees customers will have the chance to try Giorgio Santambrogio’s special Disaronno Sour, a mix of Disaronno and the almond liqueur’s reduction, lemon, egg white, sugar.

The team of Brand Ambassadors is already working on the next pairings, which will feature the participation of world-class bars of the caliber of: Dr. Stravinsky (Barcelona), Coupette (London), Benfiddich (Tokyo), Maybe Sammy (Sydney), Indulge Bistro (Taipei), Baccano (Rome), the Flying Dutchman (Amsterdam), The Clumsies (Athens) and many others …

Thus The Mixing Star proves to be an inclusive international project also in terms of solidarity, as Roger Betriu, director of The World’s 50 Best Bars partnerships, underscores in the following statement: “Disaronno has been a key partner in supporting the 50 Best for Recovery project since its inception back in late April 2020. And, from the moment we heard of this new reshaping of The Mixing Star’s BarTag dedicated to further helping the community, we’ve been delighted to support it in order to raise as many funds as possible through some of the best bars in the world.”

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