A wine tour in Sicily to discover the new range 

An original and enthralling idea all about presenting the new Calanica wines during the fab summer season.

The wine tour will take place from July 16th to August 14th with a special Calanica Wine Bike that will cross Sicily, the brand’s land of origin, making ten different stops along the way. 

To become a scene stealer at the island’s most famous beaches, this itinerant bistrot will offer consumers the chance to taste the wines in the new Calanica range. There will be 150 tasting events at every stop, all in the early evening around happy hour. Everyone will also be able to participate in a fun game where the prize is a 50% discount coupon to visit one of the wine cellars (Duca di Salaparuta in Casteldaccia or Florio in Marsala) where these fine products are born.

Thanks to the Wine Bike’s fresh, sunny, youthful style in total sync with the Calanica spirit, it will make for a star attraction this summer. And to heighten the appeal, the tour will also include other enticing elements, as in a tasting wheel (that will suggest which wine to try) and a photographic set (that will enable consumers to share the moment on social media). Anyone who presents the relative pic at the participating businesses will get a 10% discount on his or her consumption, upon the purchase of a bottle of Calanica.

Specifically, at every stop an approximate total of 15 wine bars, wine shops and restaurants were happy to take part in the initiative, which marks a first in Sicily. Each will receive promotional materials that will be useful in offering the wines once the bistrot has moved on to the next stop. It’s a complete package, with wine bucket, spumantiera and display, all for best enjoying the Calanica experience.

To spark the interest of as many consumers as possible, the wine tour will be sponsored on the “Duca di Salaparuta” Facebook page through teaser activities and geolocated posts

For all useful info about the project click on the link below:

With Calanica this summer will be full of surprises…



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